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Detecting environmental(?) attacks


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In the client there is a debug section on the right (3 gears) with a bunch of checkboxes. Try enabling/disabling each one of them until the client highlight the area attack. It is likely some kind of of entity (Subclass). 

Then you can look in the osbot API for the relevant classes to handle detection. ex: If its a NPC, check https://osbot.org/api/org/osbot/rs07/api/NPCS.html

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I have never tried Wintertodt but normally there's a pattern to NPCs attacks, example an animation before an elemental attack such as Jad does before switching between mage and ranged. An NPC could vary its attacks between set tiles or if it's mobile it could be X distance away from the NPC it's alternating.

Look into the answer above and if it's doesn't fit your case try experimenting with pattern recognition.

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