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An error has occured while loading hooks


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Mirror mode has broken for me since OSRS had some downtime today around 2pm GTM.

This was the OSRS downtime message from their status page https://secure.runescape.com/m=news/game-status-information-centre?oldschool=1


We're investigating an issue that causes the Mobile App to crash when pressing "play" on the login screen. To resolve the issue, we will be releasing an update to Old School. Please note that the update will also introduce a bug whereby the Wilderness level does not appear on the UI in our C++ client. This is known and will be fixed soon. A 45-minute countdown timer will appear in-game before the worlds go offline. We expect downtime to last approximately 30 minutes.    

aaaand this is the error logged: 


[INFO][11/07 04:24:01 PM]: Welcome to OSBot 2.7.7!
[INFO][11/07 04:24:10 PM]: Updated injection hooks for client revision : 217!
[DEBUG][Bot #1][11/07 04:24:10 PM]: Initializing mirror client bot...
[INFO][11/07 04:24:10 PM]: Started bot #1
[ERROR][Bot #1][11/07 04:24:18 PM]: hmrapi
java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not find field in the class
    at client.nat.stream.Stream.m11(Native Method)
    at client.MLuB.lkch(Unknown Source)
    at client.emu.KC.run(Unknown Source)

I'm on a intel Mac,13.3.1

Is this happening for anyone else? 

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