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Account scammed by Discord User ironore#8915


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I can't find what his OSBot username is but his discord is ironore#8915 and his discord
We had come to an agreement that I would build up two RC accounts and he would sell them to the buyer he had set up.
He had created two accounts and given me the logins, fresh level 3 accounts off tutorial island, no membership.
I had bonded both accounts and slowly but surely was building the accounts up. Right before completion, one of the accounts had been banned.
When the other account reached completion, something seemed off and I told him that I wanted some type of payment before giving the account back. I had paid for the account's membership and done all the work. 
He went to try and take back ownership of the account, but I had beat him to it and registered an email and changed the password.
Some time went on and I continued to build the account for the hell of it hoping to find a buyer. 
Original build was supposed to be Blood RC account; 77 RC, 73 Agility, 100% Arceuus Favour, 38 Mining and Crafting
I ended up unlocking full GOTR outfit, Abyssal Needle and created Colossal pouch, Abyssal lantern and got 90 FM for redwoods.
We decided to try and work together again, since he had better experience selling accounts and had found a buyer for $145.
I unfortunately had been busy for a couple days and missed that opportunity, and he messaged me saying do I want $50 for the account. I know the account was worth well more than that, but I was willing to be reasonable so we both could eat and told him all I wanted was $75 for the account. I needed the money as well.
Apparently someone had already bought the account for $60 and it was pending in his wallet. He had told me I had to wait 5 days. 
I had waited over 5 days and when I went to message him he had me blocked.
This dude's a jerk and scamming people. I know for a fact that he uses OSBot for his botting as well. He deserves to be banned from here the least.




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Due to the screenshots we have received from our community in regards to the matter, ironore has been banned in regards to attempting to sell his osbot account. However we’re also placing you in TWC @Goopie1051 due to the screenshots we’ve received in regards to you admitting you changed the details first. You can appeal this decision in 6 months. 

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