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[Release] v1.79

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  • Added a brand new Script Selector
  • Added new Script profiles
  • Added a brand new Prices API for grabbing item prices
  • Added the newest OSRS map
  • Added an option to match bounds when checking if a String contains text
  • Fixed a bug with #lootLastKill attempting to loot items too far away in GroundItem
  • Fixed a bug with #lootItemsOverXGP attempting to loot items too far away in GroundItem
  • [Script Network] Fixed a bug that did not make the background transparent for some OSBot threads
  • Minor fixes


Script Selector:

Introducing the brand new Script Selector! It supports folders, sorting, and full organization!



Script Profiles:

Script Profiles are a way to create custom profiles for scripts where you may modify, or bypass, any part of a script. This is extremely useful when it comes to user-inputs, as you may define them in a Script Profile and automatically load the script up with all the correct settings without having to go through any inputs.


How does it work:

In order to make a Script Profile, you must go to the Script Factory folder located in your OSBot's folder. Here you will find a new folder called, "Profiles". You will create a new .txt file that is the EXACT name of the script you want to create a profile for. Yes, spelling and punctuation is important! Once you create a new file for your profile, you will simply add the following command to replace lines:




Please view the sample below:

I am replacing "Cow" with "Goblin". The top text document is the actual script file, and the bottom text file is my Script Profile. Notice, they have the exact same name. You may only have one Profile per script. My recommendation if you want to make more is to just add suffixes to them and switch them out when you need to. :)



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