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clunge monkey

Opening OSBot Issues. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

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1 hour ago, clunge monkey said:

Ive recently found a computer in my work that allows me to download OSBot. Every time I try to open a bot/account i get the pop up that attached.

Any one have any idea on what its means or how I can fix it?

You fix it by what @Muffinssaid above....don't do this

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Any employer should have cyber security at one of the highest priorities and downloading a botting client in their eyes is some "sketchy software" even though we know it's not.

There is no reason for a bot client to be on your work PC and because of this in their eyes you would be compromising their security and can likely lead to your termination.

tl;dr - What Muffins said.

5 minutes ago, Muffins said:

no we are genuinely saying dont try to bot on a pc at work.


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