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Some accounts got banend today

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Hello guys,


today 9 bots on my farm got banned and also the mule got banned.

The bots got banend for 3rd party tools and the mule for rwt.

I only muled stuff from the bots to the mule and never did any rwt.

Also the bots were all on different proxies.


The bans happened after the update today and I mainly used the passive gold farmer for birdhouses and herb runs.


Could you give me some hitns what mistakes I made, that I can prevent them in the future?

One idea I had was that maybe the accoutns look to suspect and other people reported them, cause they trained only hunter and farming to 60+ but no other stat was above 30.


Thanks for your help.

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You can get banned for RWT (Gold farming) as a reason, they ban you not for selling/buying gold but for botting itself as you mule gold to one account. Also as I see passive gold farmer is still very dangerous to use :D I personally had very good experience with it, running up to 100 accounts and only receiving one ban in few months (the ban was mainly because account had an extremely bot like username). But somewhere around when Sir pugger made a video about birdhouse bots bans started rolling hard. And they did for almost everyone who farmed gold with it. They just manually started doing diligent checks of this method and started banning. I had accounts with nice stats running, but they still got banned so not sure if leveling up other stats would help. My guess the only thing could work is to do a lot of different tasks, not only train hunt/farm but also combat, wc, herb etc. since if they want to ban you manually it's quite easy to see the patterns of bots

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