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How are y'all loading up new accounts w/ bonds?

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1 hour ago, Kramnik said:

Just trade gp and bond account. Paying membership is too expensive, better buy gold and buy a bond and it's not very viable to farm 4-5M of gold in F2P you most likely get banned before you do that :) 

Nice. Definitely agree - you'll almost certainly get banned before farming 5m in F2P. Thanks!


54 minutes ago, uncledude00 said:

I buy membership codes from get taxed. 2 bucks for 16 days, 4 dollars for a month vs 11 paying jagex. Its a no brainer. 

Very interesting - going to check this out, maybe even for main lol! Thanks.


3 minutes ago, NB6675 said:

I always bond directly to the account from my main, so much trading goes on I doubt they would ever do anything about trades without concrete proof of rwt or something

This one I'm not so interested in - I keep my main entirely separate from my bot farm. Looking to start gold farming for RWT, not for in game gold for main. Thank you though!

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