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This script will allow you to User Input your log type, and will light the logs in a human like form. 

What I mean by that is, when we play normally, most users will light a log, select the tinderbox again, then hover over the log and wait until we can light it again. This script will do it just like that! All you needs is the logs that you want to use in your bank, a tinderbox in your bank, and start it in Falador. If you'd like to see different locations added, feel free to let me know!

XP Per hour varies on your log type. 
This below rates are based off of burning 1485 logs per hour.
Normal: 59K/PH
Oak: 89K/PH
Willow: 133K/PH
Teak: 155K/PH
Arctic Pine: 185K/PH
Maple: 200K/PH
Mahogany: 234K/PH
Yew: 300K/PH
Magic: 451K/PH
Redwood: 520K/PH

- Detects if you have a tinderbox in bank, if you don't the script will stop.
- Detects if you have logs in your bank, if you don't the script will stop.
- Human like burn pattern. Lights the logs, selects the tinderbox, hover over the next log, then waits till it can light again.
- Lights logs that are underneath you if you "drop" a log while trying to burn.
- 3 Paths with detection, if you just burned an inventory in Path 1, your next path will be Path 2, then to Path 3. This allows you to burn without getting interference from your last logs lit.
- "You can't light a fire here." Makes your player walk one step south, and continue lighting your inventory. Paths are setup to be 2 spaces away from each other. No interference from 1 step south lighting.
- AFK Antiban support. You can change this if you'd like. Visit method [8], currently 1:50 chance of going AFK in the bank for 10-90 seconds.

Version 0.1 - Initial Release
Version 0.1.1 - View changelog post
Version 0.1.2 - View changelog post
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