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FPS Boost or Alternative Client Support?

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Does anybody know how to maximize osrs FPS with their shit java client?


OSbot still doesn't seem to be working with Runelite, and doesn't seem to support steam client or openosrs or any others as far as I am aware. I have GB download with PLENTY of hardware as I JUST updated with a $3000+ system(72), so I feel there HAS to be some sort of way for me to get this client to perform at least @ 50fps... right!? HA, I am loosing my mind with this.



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So I learned it is ONLY osbot that drops FPS randomly. (some spots it seems to be a guaranteed lag everytime you get to a certain spot) but I can have the osrs client open next to osbot and the java client runs great but osbot will drop FPS constantly.


How can I fix this?

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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, Czar said:

I've got a peasant tier pc and still getting 40-50 fps :doge: There must be a bottleneck; are you even using 64 bit java version? 

With Zero FPS drops? I will run @ 50 FPS but certain areas it just doesnt seem to like. Zulrah lags like a BITCH and even at blast furnace it lags at the bank chest every time I go near it. Even with the bank open it'll hover at 50 then drop to less than 10 and then back up and then back down. All the while, I am not moving or doing anything. 


No I am running

Java 8 update 281 (64-Bit)

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