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Error 15 while using proxy

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12 minutes ago, Russos said:

Hi all, whilst my proxy is activated I can not create any accounts and I get and Error 15 code. does anyone know a way around this?

Jagex has started blocking some ips know to be proxy/vpn. Need to get better proxies to create accounts on their site.

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Most popular VPN and proxy services have a lot of banned IPs for RS. Most popular VPNs have options to pick where and which server to connect to, chances are you can find one that is not blocked. One without ANY black marks? Highly unlikely for a popular service. We don’t have this information, but I would venture to guess that if I’m finding IPs that aren’t blocked others have found the same ones.

I’ve botted for months on IPs that are blocked from account creation without bans, but have also caught instant bans on IPs blocked from account creation.

How, when and for what exactly accounts are banned is still a large grey area in the community. Nothing can guarantee not to catch an instant ban, especially if using F2P accounts I’ve found.


Two weeks ago I created 10 F2P accounts on a “fresh to me” IP. All created and ran on the same IP. Each account was hand ran through tutorial island and the next day up to 10 QP by hand. They rested for 3 days prior to any botting. 9 of the 10 accounts were banned within 48 hours of the first script being ran. Each account ran the same scripts, in the same sequence with a 10% break modifier. None of the accounts ran for more than 8 hours in a day with breaks, so likely 4-6 hours each. The only account that survived was the one that gained the most amount of levels oddly.


This is just a recent example. Over the past decade of botting on and off on multiple different platforms I’ve lost 100s if not 1000s of accounts. Still no closer to knowing how they ban exactly. Sometimes I’ve had bots last weeks, months and others not even hours. I will say over the years they’ve gotten better. You used to be able to bot for literally DAYS at a time for MONTHS without catching a ban. The scripts back then were way worse as well.

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