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Question: Using SOCK5 Proxies on browser to create OSRS accounts blocked by Incapsula

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I have recently purchased multiple proxies and swapped ips multiple times but no matter which proxy I try every time I try to go on rs site to create new accounts I get this message:


Any ideas on root cause and any work arounds for it?  Does not seem to be proxy related, tried Virmach and Proxy6.


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Pretty sure it is indeed proxy related. Jagex some time ago started blocking a bunch of IPs. You'll want to use residential proxies or mobile data for creating accounts. This is just an assumption but based on the fact that lots of IPs are now being blocked, I'd bet lots proxy providers that are easily found on Google, at least the cheap and otherwise datacenter proxies anyway, are blocked. You could also use your home IP of course to create accounts. 

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You're using proxies that are being detected by the WAF they're using.

Its looking at the http headers, dns requests or IP ranges and denying you hence error 15 thinking you're a bot or doing something malicious.

So you're proxies are burned before you've even got your foot in the door. 




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