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Where should i buy private proxy from?

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I only want to use 1 account right now for testing out how much i like this. I would write my own scripts because it seems more fun and i want my test account to last as long as possible. And I'm using stealth mode not mirror.

Proxy-seller offers private servers for like 1.5usd each and the reviews weren't that bad. Can someone confirm that it's viable? I don't want to spend my money on certain flagged proxies.

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6 minutes ago, Kramnik said:

You better out not using proxy at all, if you only using one account it will last you more on your home ip

Oh i forgot to mention: I have a main that i don't want to lose, and i started playing osrs by botting on my home ip and the accounts got banned. My home ip is flagged :(

Would a virtual machine be a viable choice in this situation?

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VPS IP's are almost always flagged as they are easily identified as data center IP's. You want SOCKS5 proxies.  @petroboti If you are interested in some, have a look here: 


1 hour ago, StarCraftSniper said:

Buy a VPS. Then that provides you with a seperate ip for the VPS included, And a seperate computer to run your bots.



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