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Mouse Accuracy Data Collector

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Hello everyone,

I've been making my own scripts for a long time and since OSBOT started the naturalMouseMotion API to move the mouse, I try to control this as much as possible.
The greatest facility that Jagex has to detect bots is because it has an immense amount of human activity data, and that makes it detect any bad bot with precision.
On the other hand, the biggest difficulty I have in creating a good bot is because I don't have access to any data.
I don't bot for profit in a long time, I just suicide the bots by testing scripts, among other things.
I've already created enough to avoid being banned, but the only thing I still don't understand how it works is the precision of the human mouse.

So I decided to create this program to collect data on the accuracy of clicks.

It will be very useful if everyone can help with 10 minutes or more using this program. By doing this you may be helping others in the future who are interested in this data.

Post the file MouseAccuracy.dat here or send it to me on discord.

The program is secure and isn't obfuscated.



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