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Hi I wrote to staff last month about this and yet everyone has come back to me with the same thing which has not helped one bit which resolving me Closing my Paypal account yet money was still coming out and charging me for the membership sub and slayer which i wanted to cancel when i went on paypal there was no direct debit to cancel and i asked if there was a way i can do it on osbot forum yet no one can come and tell me everyone is saying it can only be done on paypal? 

i have the ID profile number for both Subs thats coming out please help someone thank you


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Paypal cancelation steps.

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click Settings near the top of the page.
  3. Click Payments.
  4. Click Manage automatic payments.
  5. Find Meire & Brito Automation and click cancel.

Odd. Check here and see if it has a cancel option.

And here's the refund section. Only one person handles these and makes the decisions I don't.

Best I can think of man :feels:

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@Maldestocan manually refund if this is the case. 
He is the only one who can issue a refund. You'll likely have to provide him your screen (obviously sensor out anything personal) and show him that the option is legitimately not there.
That is the only way if you cannot cancel your PayPal recurring payment 

You could also try to call PayPal themselves and see if the can resolve the issue.

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