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looking for [RESTED] tut island accounts

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not entirely true. thanks for your input tho. a buddy sold me a few 66 mage accs before and when i tried logging onto one via my own ip that i regularly use it locked the account because of suspicious activity and had to unlock. we think it might be because before he logged into one of the accounts to take a picture of something and maybe it saved his ip via runescape website then when i tried to acess via my ip it  just locked. idk maybe you know more about this but it didn't have anything to do with my ip.


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16 minutes ago, Kramnik said:

Why you say so? :D 

Because I've been testing a bunch of different theories. Proxies could have an effect on locks yea (So basically I lied when I said they had nothing to do with them), but there are so many other reasons a lock can happen 😛

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