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Unable to Register New Accounts

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I have been trying to create some new accounts to begin botting on. Every time I access the runescape website account creation page, I am blocked.


Access Denied

Error 15

Your IP: Changes, as expected

Proxy IP: Consistent every attempt, even with different IPs and providers


I'm running in an Ubuntu VirtualBox on Windows 10 and have tried using IPs from my phone's hotspot, multiple trial exclusive socks5 proxies, and a paid exclusive socks5 proxy. It will only let me create an account in the VirtualBox when I am using my home IP (which I am trying to avoid burning).

I created a firewall exception for VirtualBox and turned off the windows firewall entirely. I reset firefox, installed chrome and opera to try. My date/time has been on both the local (home IP) time as well as the proxy location's time. I have set the proxy to run system wide as well as directly on firefox.

The same phone hotspot IP that is blocked in the VirtualBox is able to create an account directly on my phone. (Although it was banned a day later)


Are my proxies really all bad? I paid $10 for the paid proxy, which I am trying to get refunded. Should I try another provider? Most of the IPs I have used score below 45 on this fraud checking website, and the paid proxy was at 0. https://www.ipqualityscore.com/free-ip-lookup-proxy-vpn-test. That's better than my home IP at 28.

What does it mean that the reported "Proxy IP" doesn't change even though my IP keeps changing? It's not an IP related to any of my devices as far as I can tell.

How can I get past this and make accounts using the same IP from creation to death?


Thanks for any help!



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