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Get Taxed

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17 minutes ago, Get Taxed said:

Hi, ive set up a break bot for 40mins then break for 25 but for some reason the break doesnt kick in and the script keeps on going.

This is with frost barrows.

Is this because you're in combat as it wont be able to break if you are. does the script not have it's own break handler to use?

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38 minutes ago, Get Taxed said:

no the script doesnt have its own it uses osbot's. ahh okay but it should still break once out of combat?

I'm not sure because if it can't break due to being in combat then to me the script would continue because the break handler isn't able to activate. I'm not a scripter so I would need someone to verify if this is the case but I've experienced this in the past with a wintertotd script that used osbots break handler and it couldn't break because the player was taking damage from the WT

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56 minutes ago, Czar said:

On the second box for breaks/botting did you add a random value or did you enter 0? It should be something like 40 - 60 (top row) and 20 - 30 (bottom row) otherwise breaks won't activate

hero i just put it in the first boxes. that explains everything i thought it was minutes and seconds. fml. gg accounts left them on and im at work haha. thanks Czar. hero!

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