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Version: 1.02



• Set your mining location and target rocks.

• Multiple mining patterns when targeting more than one rock type.

• Withdraws a pickaxe from the bank if necessary.

• Upgrades pickaxe when banking if any are available.

• Wields pickaxes if you meet their attack level requirement.

• Options for power-mining and banking with deposit box support.

• World hopping support for when no target rocks remain.

• Random idling and fatigue system in an attempt to imitate a real player.







Source Code



Available on the SDN!

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17 hours ago, Daren9093 said:

what does fatigue system do?

Every time an ore is successfully mined the script slows down by a few milliseconds.

Over time this change is visible and looks like the script is getting 'tired' like a real player might.

If you're looking for the best experience rates keep the fatigue option disabled.

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I give it a 4/5 very robust, but sometimes it will misclick and fight an npc, and continue trying to mine while getting hit, so its obvious that its a bot, also when walking to the bank or back to ores, the path is really weird, it takes really long detours and always the same detours, no normal player would walk these paths, like instead of going in a straight line it goes in a half circle, like wtf, this isnt sailing this is land navigation bro. other than that would be nice to have an interface so you can pause and change settings without having to stop and start it all over again.


but all in all its a free script so cant complain. Thanks!

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