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Joe Goldberg

Jagex Error Code 15

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Starting about 3 days ago Runescape started displaying Error Code 15 "This request was blocked by the security rules" it then displays the time, proxy IP etc.  This occurs when trying to start new accounts through the website. 

I was using a virmach proxy when this started and switched to a webshare proxy today. Going through chrome with home IP I can fill out the form fine. 


1. I assume Jagex is blocking starting accounts from my trash proxies, right? 

2. If the accounts are made on my home IP address and get banned while botting on proxies, will it link back and get my main banned? 

3. Any ways around this so I can still create accounts with proxy web browsers and alleviate that fear?

Sorry if my questions are noobish.


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Iv notice this happen a couple times on my phones internet. For this reason I think its due to IP addresses that have been used for illegitimate things in the past and are on the block list. (Mobile Phones change IP addresses frequently depending on the tower they are connected to etc)

So yeah, its probs the proxy your using

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39 minutes ago, Coolguy13 said:

I've been running into a similar problem, but it seems that I'm hardware flagged. In my VM on my computer I get the error code, but when I switch to my main OS I am able to make an account despite being on the same IP.

More than likely it's not hardware and it's the browser finger printing.

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8 minutes ago, Coolguy13 said:

Interesting, thanks for letting me know! Any ideas on how to combat this? Changing IPs didn't seem to help. Would doing things like disabling javascript help?

You can't access the page if you disable JS. Easy way would probably finding an extension or browser that scrambles some of the common finger prints. Clearing the browser cache might help too.

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