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If today was your last day of living, what would you do?


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This is how I try to live my life every day - minus the 500 grand ;) (ask yourself if you would be happy with what you've done today if you died tomorrow). it's pretty good life advice, heard it in Steve Job's Stanford graduation speech.

Honestly, I'd give it to my family and spend the last day with them.

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I would buy a plane ticket to America and visit every American staff member of OSBot.

Then I would visit the love of my life, and give her like 50% of the money. Then I go to the UK & Belgium to meet Catastrophe and Cortana.

Then I go back to holland and give the rest of the money to my family, and spent my last few hours with them.


And that all in 24 hours (impossible).. no time to loose, cya.

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