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Client/Script Problems


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1 hour ago, yeppersitsme said:

Windows, I can open it, it just won't run scripts. I click start and nothing happens 

Not sure if this is the same on injection (I never run injection) but OSBot's latest client update is having some major issues with mirror mode. I get the same error that everyone is posting around and it just crashes/freezes the client. Hoping to see a fix by end of the day. Just wanted to clarify that it is NOT the script, but rather the client as a whole.

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final Area Spiders = new Area(1831,9970,1830,9971);
final Position undeadpos = new Position(1810,9977,0);

// These are the exact positions in my code, they're located in a Dungeon in Hosidius...

Some issues with Injection mode too... There are some problems with some Positions/Area, more exactly for me a position in a Dungeon in Hosidius, my logger says it can't fine the Destination but the position is right there i checked everytime, also worth mentioning that i was using the script with zero problem before the update... Please fix that too??

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Trying the zulrah ultimate plugin and it doesn't do anything just has start frozen in top left and you have to shut off the plugin to get control back. Not sure if its just me or its because of this problem. I also cant start up the mirror mode at all, im stuck at "osbot searching for osrs client to attach to". The previously mentioned plugin was tested on stealth injection since mirror doesn't work for me. I just downloaded all this again after many years it could be my setup but im assuming its related to this problem.

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