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GE API amount traded


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I'm currently using the official osrs GE API to get some items:


But I can't see any information about the amount traded in that json. The amount traded is provided on the webpage (the graph all the way down) below, but not in the json above


How do third party sites like rsbuddy get the amount traded? I'd like to use the osrs GE API and not rely on other sites as they're often down. For example, I could use 


But I'm not sure if that's updated at all.  The rsbuddy link says fire runes are sold and bought at 5gp, with an average of 1.6m traded (today?) while the osrs api says the price is 6. I went in game to test, the price is indeed 6 at the GE for both buy and sell. You can see why I'd like to avoid third party providers.


So how do I get the amount traded? 

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