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Back to Runescape after 10 years


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Hi All,

The lockdown and working from home has allowed me to come back after 10 year, and haven't things changed!

My last experience of botting was with RID, but everything I've read says this is the place to be? I'm planning on starting with the Perfect Fighter, and see how that goes.

Will be aiming for 99 combats, but of course easier said than done, might have to switch to NMZ to get the xp/ph to max in a reasonable amount of time.

Planning on only botting while I'm working, so I can keep a good schedule and glance over occasionally.

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On 4/28/2020 at 2:25 PM, Liamo said:

Thanks for the welcome and the tips.

Am I to take it that jag will only ban the account I’ve botted on, or will they link accounts and ban “me”?

They can definitely connect the accounts and ban both if you've traded eachother, or play on the same IP. 


Best case if on same IP is to never let your main touch your bots ingame. No friendslist, trading, etc. Then just hope for the best 🙂

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