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Progamerz is not meeting my request


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Hi, yesterday i asked progamerz to make me a script. The script wasn't that complicated all it requiered was to click spam on a specific place in rs, i also wanted it to hop worlds by typing /w330 and /pause to pause the script and /resume to make it run again. Me and progamerz agreed on how i wanted the script to be able to run like. So when we agreed on how i wanted it to run by him watching my screen on discord, so when it was his turn to screen share his screen he showed me almost exactly how it was going to run, to be able to click on a specific place with the rs camera like mine which i told him many times. So he made the script like i wanted it to be like, showed me it on screen  i downloaded it. So when it was my turn to test the script, the script was not functioning properly so i told him to fix it and he ''fixed it'' and even showed me on screenshare that it was working but whenever it was my turn to try it out it didnt work as he showed me like not just the click spamming that did not work but the commands in cc. So after 4-5 times me downloading his private script i gave up and told him i want a refund, so basically in a few secs he made the final script called progamerz 1,2v and it started working all of a sudden. So today iim trying the script and its not working properly. When i try type the commands on cc the bots dont work.


i can send a video of our chat in discord, which includes him confirming its him on discord

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