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RSGP Appreciation thread


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After seeing almost all markets crash I would like to take some time off to show my gratitude towards our stable currency, OSRS gold.
Even some investment guru's tried to convince people on this forum to invest into BTC but in the end OSRS gp has proven itself to be a more reliable
currency compared to it.
not only is it more stable to hold but investing into rsgp is more profitable longer term when you use it to merch which only requires a few minutes a day!
Consider holding on and investing some of your gold before selling all of it whenever you mule.

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I would say that Osrs gp is less stable than the other assets that lost toady. osrs gp  has a huge arbitrage market making it  less stable because buyers and sellers never really know the rate, furthermore adding the RWT bann element and potentially  loosing all your units at any given time makes this asset not even close to a safe heaven. I can understand your argument, "osrs gp never drops 5%-30% (trying to cover all different market losses today) therefore making it more stable". Although Osrs gp didnt move like the markets did today(today was a record breaking day btw) it still has only lost value in the last 5 years,in my opinion this is not stable. 

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