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Dispute against Master00j

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Disputed member: Master00j

Thread Link :


Explanation: Botted during service, and didnt bother telling me + Took 10+ days over ETA. 





Note: I didnt login to the account, since i didnt have the time anyways

His TOS from his service thread




EDIT: Master00j has paid full refund

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3 hours ago, Master00j said:

I have no clue


further more i said i would refund him 20m+ for the delay on the service. 

You have no clue when you bought a fishing script 1 day before the ban and you're the only one with access to the account...doesnt sound like a coincidence to me.

You have to refund 125m to the user ( service cost + damage of the ban itself ) 

You have 24 hours to do so else you'll be banned.

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17 minutes ago, Master00j said:

you guys delete my acc perm and i will refund they guy 


24hr you said?

you better hurry up then!

Like i already mentioned, we don't delete accounts

So stop acting childish and blaming others when you clearly know what you did.

pretty simple and ill say it again, Refund him or you'll be banned.

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as i said i will refund him. After you guys delete my account from this site/forum.

i'm willing to use a middleman for this from Sythe.


Might need to mention that i did get that 87fishing as requested tho.

its up to you wheter he gets his money back or not. 



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