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Ubuntu Java 8 launch blank screen


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Hello everyone

I recently downloaded OSbot and I am trying to get it working on an Ubuntu 19 server. Firstly I installed Java 11, the launcher booted fine with Java 11, I could download the WebWalker and login. But when it tries to launch the client itself it says it doens't support Java 11. So I went ahead and installed Java 8 (sudo apt install openjdk-8-jre). When I do this I can still boot the launcher but all I see is a blank grey screen. Is there anyone that has an idea what may cause this and how I could be able to fix ti?


Thank you in advance


This is how the windows looks with Java 8 JRE:


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Thank you @splatbug for the response.  I uninstalled all my Java versions and went through the article you supplied but unfortunately the same problem persists.

I tried another JAR file which also uses GUI. (A small game I made a couple of months ago). The JAR file of the game also shows the same behaviour when launched. 

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Thank you for the response @gay_retard. I tried exactly the same steps as you did:


And it still doesn't work. Maybe I should note that I am trying this on a dedicated server with Ubuntu 19.10, 32GB of ram and an Intel Xeon E3-1245. Is it possible that, somewhere, there are some graphical settings that need to be changed?

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What happens if you do

java -jar osbot.jar -login osbot_username:osbot_passw -allow lowcpu,lowresource

? btw remember to obfuscate the output if you're going to post it since it contains your user:pass

Also, could you hop in the discord, it's a pain to troubleshoot over forum posts 😅

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