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False Feedback Report

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Disputed Member: Ariba

Why it should be removed: I left honest criticism on their gold selling post and they decided to get back at me by leaving bad feedback.

Details: I ordered gold and the delivery took over 50 minutes and I was told if I left feedback on their profile I would receive an additional 1m. After complaining about the long wait times they finally got around to delivering my gold, but refused to give me the additional 1 million because my feedback "wasn't good enough" when I literally wrote what they told me to.

I figured the gold delivery guy was scamming me, but instead of immediately leaving bad feedback, I decided to leave a comment on their forum post about the long wait times and my extra one million that wasn't delivered. I was hoping that the owner would reply to me and acknowledge the issue, but instead they left bad buyer feedback and called me a liar claiming my gold was delivered within 12 minutes not even acknowledging their delivery man scam.

I took a screenshot at the time ( attached )

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