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Anyone using PA site?

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Not sure if its allowed but is anyone using PA to sell/buy? Last few months having issues that theyr promised disbursment goes extra 7 days additional to original promised 3 days.


This site breaking its own rules what?


Also sorry if this is against the rules, i was trying to make the site name short.

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Yeah seems like ima leave the site. Disbursment time is 3 days, then there is every time some issue from theyr side and gotta contact them and they reply few days later and tell to wait 1-2 days. If i would of not contacted, i woulda been waiting and waiting for them to pay up. Seems like they havent even sent me money for last sale ive made, didnt even notice. It was 38 days ago lmao.

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PA is the biggest BS scam website in the whole multiplayer gaming industry. Tried buying OSRS gold a few months back and I lost over 30$. It’s not much but it’s still money. After that I only use trusted websites, like: www.probemas.com , aribagold, ezrsgold or rsorder, of course you should check the ratio and pick the best one for you.

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