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Botting progress V4 ™ ~never give up~


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Hi community, 

So after years I finally achieved my first ever wanted goal in osrs - 99 fishing. 


Thank you Master @Czar for that awesome script. My first try to get 99 fishing had ended up with lvl 94 and a perm ban, but this time I did it.

All stats are botted on this account except firemaking. 


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Very nice!  Im currently working on the same.  Im botting for fun/get some high skills not for gold farm.  I have multiple questions for you if you are willing :)

1: Roughly how long have you been working on this account?

2: How long did you play the account f2p before going p2p or was it p2p right away?

3: How many hours a day/week did you spend botting? Im currently going anywhere between 4-10 hours and some days I dont log into the account at all.

4: My current goals are to bot f2p into a bond, but getting that 4+mill on f2p is rough, any advice?

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