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Looking for a wildy scout bot, im wanting it to do something like this https://gyazo.com/0086c9450a8ff5816c10da5ec25b4e1d having it send info to my discord or to a clan chat. Pm me how much you would charge for something like this or if someone already has one just let me know how much it would cost  and would like atleast a 24 hour trial before paying for it just to check out everything thanks in advance!

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1 hour ago, Micah2kool4u said:

Not sure how it works, can they not just do a trial like the other people if not it doesn't matter just wanted to make sure it works right.

think about it this way:

a trial for existing scripts would be like trying on an existing suit in some clothing shop. if you don't like it you can put it back and the shop suffered no loss. the suit was there regardless of you looking for something to buy.

a trial for a private script would be like going to a tailor for a custom suit. he measured you up and made it exactly as you'd described it making it fit perfectly only on you. if the result isn't exactly what you were hoping for then you can ask him for certain fixes to the suit assuming it's still in line of the original request and doesn't mean making you a new suit from scratch. if you're still not happy with the result since it wasn't quite what you'd imagined it would be then that's your own fault - you hired a man for a job and he worked and created something especially for you. if you now won't pay for the suit then he'd spent time and money on something no one else might buy.

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