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IronMan Grounditem pickup


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Making a Hillgiant script for my F2P HCIM that loots and buries Big Bones. Is there any way I can have the Script only loot my own drops as currently my loot method will spam click other players their bones and keeps toggling the message I can't pick up other players drops.

current method I'm using:


private void loot() throws InterruptedException{
GroundItem bigBones = getGroundItems().closest("Big bones");
if (bigBones != null && !myPlayer().isAnimating() && !getInventory().isFull()) {
    log("Got some bones.");
    new ConditionalSleep(2500) {
        public boolean condition() {
            return getInventory().contains(;


Also if my inventory already contains Big Bones and I want to loot more big bones what conditional sleep can I use to prevent my player from spam-clicking the Bones?

The current method only works for the first bone it picks up:

new ConditionalSleep(2500) { @Override public boolean condition() { return getInventory().contains("Big bones");

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A combination of:

On 5/27/2019 at 11:52 PM, Neanel said:

Get the position of the monster you are interacting with & loot items only on that position, this won't always be correct but it's a start.

For a fail safe use the onMessage method to check if the loot isn't yours I guess.


And a looting API that remembers which items it couldn't pick up so as to avoid them completely.

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