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Why is this so slow?


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2 hours ago, adumon said:

I'm currently getting my rune defender on my pure and I'm down 1k tokens without an upgrade, is this even possible? LOL

F dude, I was grinding for d defender yesterday and I was down 1.5k tokens, but eventually got it. All the top room cyclops were fast only the basement one was where I spent a lot longer

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10 hours ago, Elixar said:

This brings back my own horror story...
So I got the rune defender in 2 hours with 1k Tokens from Bronze, seriously! I couldn't believe it, but then...

The hunt for the Dragon defender used up 12k Tokens and it took me the whole day! at least 8+ hours...

12k tokens just for d def? Well you got memed by the memegang and fucked by runescape haha!

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