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Turt Acc's


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Hi, botted accounts are worth 50 - 150k, would say that hand made accounts would be worth more but not too much. The thing in my opinion is that it would be harder to sell them since not a lot people care about tut accounts being hand made since most of botter buy mass of them to suicide and they dont care if about it is hand made or no :) 

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Ooh competition.


Ours come out to $0.10-$0.07 each.

There is no market for tuts with unique names it seems. No one buys 50 accounts to play em by hand lol

There isn't anyone offering 7QP accounts...yet. 

Good proxies are required (they're expensive af). 

Overall, there doesn't seem to be much market share up for grabs still.

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4 hours ago, ilikecheating said:

Hello guys,


what are hand completed turt accs worth ? With a good name?

Can the price rise up if i completed quests on it?


Would recommend you look into building accounts for someone reputable for payment. You're not going to make anything selling handmade tut accounts. I can get you making some accounts for me if you're interested, payment is fair.


Discord: Deep#8213

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