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4 hours a day botting. Temp ban!


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So i started an account about 5 months ago, where I played legit for about 3 months (almost 8 hours a day), then started botting about 4 hours a day, break on weekends, occasionally playing a couple of hours legit a day also.

I botted for about 2 months, and recently (04-Mar-2019) got a temporary ONE day ban :o 

A temp ban for botting has never ever happend to me before (I've botted quite a few accounts, most being banned within a month) so I'm feeling quite lucky and will stop botting on the account that got a temporary ban. The account got no skill resets or wealth removed or anything eiter :o 

Just wanted to share this experience with you all since a temp ban for a heavily botted account has never ever happened to me before :) 



2019-03-06 14_15_12-Offence Evidence - RuneScape _ Old School RuneScape.png

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10 hours ago, Czar said:

Temp ban, you got lucky - it was most likely due to the fact that you played legit, maybe even did a few quests, otherwise wouldve been a perm ban imo

Yeah I quested alot before i started botting, about 150qp, and that increased to 185qp from the legit hours I played since I started botting the account.

10 minutes ago, killall4u said:

How were you paying for membership? It seems like if you pay $ money for your membership then they seem to go a little easier, as they want your money.

I paid for it via subscription on my phone through Apple's App Store, not directly to Jagex, since I started out on the account thinking I would mostly play it on my phone.

Ended up playing mostly on PC though :) 

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