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12 minutes ago, blooddrups said:

Hi all,

I'm looking for the most efficient training method in NMZ for range.

Currently using the bone crossbow but the xp rate sucks at 23k xp/hour at lvl 72 :(.

What should i upgrade to?

Are you using ovlds or super ranging?

If not use them , with atleast msb (i) with rune arrows 

at 75 range change to blowpipe if you can afford it.

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Thanks for the tips guys!

Currently not that big on money so I've chosen to go with magicshortbow (i), rune arrows and super ranging pots.

Seems like xp got boosted to approx 40-45k xp/hour now :D.

Heard blowpipe costs about 500k/hour for 75k xp/hour... Seems to expensive to me.

Currently just botting the hell out of it so looking for an efficient method.

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