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PriceCheck low level account (for zulrah later on)


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account is focused on zulrah build currently has the following quests completed:

The Restless Ghost

Ernest the chicken

Priest in peril

stats are:





Default zulrah starter account stats 

 Required-Current level
ranged             75-40
magic               75-40
defence            70-24

prayer              43-15
Slayer              18-0   
Crafting           19-20 DONE
Woodcutting   35-35 DONE
agility              51-40


- Regicide
 - Underground Pass
  - Biohazard
   - Plague City

- Animal magnetism
 - The Restless Ghost  [DONE]
 - Ernest the Chicken  [DONE]
 - Priest in Peril     [DONE]






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Just now, NoCC said:

Not much different from your last PC mate.
Except that you have 3 very botable quests added, add another 200-300k if you let it sit for couple days and make sure its not banned.

i know it may seem weird that im posting these every day orso but i basicly have 1 script that does all these stats/quests which is why i like to kinda see progress in this way 




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3 minutes ago, myOSBaccount said:

i like the idea of having the script do everything for you, but at this rate when do you reckon you'd even get to an actual zulrah ready account

the scripting is what is taking me most time really to avoid bans i try to split up the tasks alot so i don't do just 1-40 agility in 1 go but 7 diffrent times i train abit of it so that takes me quite some time started this project on friday so at this rate i'd assume a week orso maybe abit less or more

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