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defiled 40m


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5:51 PM] skrrt: lmk when ur gonna log in to start quests
[5:51 PM] Midari Ikishima: will do budd
[5:52 PM] skrrt: kk im logging in atm to do house,
[5:52 PM] Midari Ikishima: alright cool
[7:31 PM] skrrt: i g2g
[7:31 PM] skrrt: couldnt even finish house trying to get shitty +5 boost
[7:32 PM] skrrt: im gonna havee greengo finish the stats real quick
[7:32 PM] Midari Ikishima: alright cool
[7:32 PM] skrrt: ill add portals next time i get on, i just have to do the runes part i already made the wood part of the portal
[7:33 PM] skrrt: theres glory + pool + some other random shit
[7:33 PM] skrrt: jewelry box
[7:34 PM] Midari Ikishima: alright bud
February 15, 2019
[9:24 AM] skrrt: he finished the p lvl
[9:24 AM] skrrt: for heros quest
[9:24 AM] skrrt: so should have all stats now
[9:24 AM] Midari Ikishima: alright so i can start now?
[9:24 AM] skrrt: yep
[9:24 AM] Midari Ikishima: kk 
[9:24 AM] skrrt: ty man
[9:24 AM] skrrt: lmk as u go pls 
[9:24 AM] skrrt: when u gonna start?
[9:24 AM] skrrt: yumaddoe83@gmail.com smeatlife420
[9:26 AM] Midari Ikishima: uhm decode asked me to do something real quick so should be today
[9:26 AM] Midari Ikishima: at latest tonight
[9:26 AM] Midari Ikishima: there is enough cash on the account?
[9:43 AM] Midari Ikishima: lol tutislander sqed
[10:13 AM] skrrt: thank god
[10:13 AM] skrrt: hate that faggot lol
[10:14 AM] Midari Ikishima: LOOOOL
[10:24 AM] skrrt: he didnt scam u did he
[10:24 AM] skrrt: with service money
[10:24 AM] Midari Ikishima: he did
[10:24 AM] Midari Ikishima: 150m gone
[10:36 AM] skrrt: mannn im sorry thats fucked
[10:37 AM] skrrt: doubt he got 600m either
[10:42 AM] Midari Ikishima: hmmmmm
[11:11 AM] skrrt: ?
[11:27 AM] skrrt: brb in a few hours
[11:32 AM] Midari Ikishima: kk
[1:37 PM] Midari Ikishima: Hey do u sell gp?
[1:37 PM] Midari Ikishima: I need to buy some real quick
[2:57 PM] skrrt: no stock atm
[2:57 PM] Midari Ikishima: Damn i need gp asap
[2:57 PM] skrrt: sorry bro
[2:57 PM] skrrt: did u start quests yet?
[2:58 PM] Midari Ikishima: I was about to start but a friend hit me up to do some shit for me but i need gp
[3:01 PM] skrrt: damn bro sorry
[3:01 PM] Midari Ikishima: Fuckk
[3:01 PM] skrrt: when will u be starting
[3:01 PM] skrrt: i can see if someone got gp
[3:01 PM] Midari Ikishima: In afew
[3:01 PM] skrrt: just pmed my suppplier
[3:01 PM] skrrt: if he has any he only charges me .68 lol
[3:01 PM] Midari Ikishima: sweeet
[3:01 PM] skrrt: only bitcoin tho
[3:01 PM] skrrt: is that ok
[3:02 PM] Midari Ikishima: I dont have bitcoin
[3:02 PM] skrrt: damn
[3:05 PM] Midari Ikishima: Fk
[3:07 PM] Midari Ikishima: Ican try and buy some bitcoin but can i collect it already?
[3:07 PM] Midari Ikishima: I need to give it to him within 5 minutes
[3:16 PM] skrrt: hes out of stock
[3:18 PM] Midari Ikishima: Ugh
[4:11 PM] skrrt: u will start today for sure? my acc just sitting there wasting bond
[4:12 PM] Midari Ikishima: Dw about it
[4:12 PM] skrrt: do u do services on mobile? lol
[4:12 PM] skrrt: jw cuz it shows phone icon on discord
[4:12 PM] Midari Ikishima: i know im in the car arm
[4:12 PM] Midari Ikishima: Atm
[4:12 PM] Midari Ikishima: Omw home
[4:15 PM] skrrt: hell yeah
[4:16 PM] skrrt: if u can finish order within 3 days i will give u 5m more
[4:16 PM] skrrt: and ill have another list of stuff u can do when u finish
[4:17 PM] skrrt: i gotta make the list after ur done tho to check what i still need
[4:17 PM] skrrt: should be atleast another 100m worth of shit to do
[4:17 PM] skrrt: n ill tip u for everything =]
[4:17 PM] Midari Ikishima: Aight nice i need some gp lmfao
[4:17 PM] Midari Ikishima: Im 120m short
[4:20 PM] skrrt: that faggot tutislander fuckin everybody, i feel bad lol
[4:20 PM] skrrt: ill giveu 20m extra on 100m order
[4:21 PM] skrrt: my dude should have stock tomorrow or next day so i will have the gp before u finish the quests i already paid u for
[4:30 PM] Midari Ikishima: alright nice
[5:43 PM] skrrt: brb in a fw hours
[5:43 PM] skrrt: u think ull b started by then?
[8:39 PM] Midari Ikishima: hey bro can u borrow me some gp?
[9:21 PM] skrrt: i dont have any bro
[9:21 PM] skrrt: did u start order
[9:21 PM] skrrt: if u not gonna do itand ur just gonna finesse the 40m let me know so ican get someone else to start the work
[9:22 PM] Midari Ikishima: chill dude



it dont got dates on it but i cba to take pics and shit, this faggot is not gonna refund me anyways lmao. if this is not good enough then just fuck it cuz im not gonna go outta my way to take screenshots for 40m i 1) dont care about and 2) not gonna get refunded it anyways



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