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Master Farmer botting banrates


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15 minutes ago, ainzlee said:

Was thinking of trying to bot master farmers on a few accounts, do you think it's worth it? I'm not aware of the ban rates at all. But it seems like the accounts can be made pretty quick. 


Also which script do you think is better Czars thieving script vs Molly's thiever. Thanks.

Very high.

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24 minutes ago, Hurwitz said:

Apparently it is very high chief


16 minutes ago, Turkoize said:

I’ve had 2/3 bans on my farm. It’s nigh ban rate since weath got back. 


15 minutes ago, Divergent07 said:

Very high.

Well.. fuck lol. I can't remember if this is true but i remember reading something a while back about people suicide botting various things over the weekend while jagex aren't at work, maybe that could be profitable?

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I haven't tried weekend botting, but it does sound that way yes. Humans review it, so naturally you want to bot when there's as few humans as possible. Preferably a few hours before they leave on friday until monday morning. You'll get 3 solid days in at the master farmer before the ban hits. With wine, this could easily be millions.

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