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Russian guy's Service Hiring Quester/Skiller

Russian Guy

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Lately got more order than i can complete, so i need workers. Looking for man who can do quests and skills.


All service must be hand done

You must be able to provide screnshots from osbuddy/runelite

Basic english language knowledge

You must be patient with client and orders

You must be able to finish orders in reasonable time

Application form - 

Which role are you applying for? :
What is your experience like? :
Where you from?:
How often do you play? :
Do you agree to my terms? :

Worker contract

Deposit of 200m

Not refundable, looking only for serious and long term workers.

Must have no unfinished orders if u want get refund

Must be able to provide osbuddy/runelite screenshots if client request

You will work at 80-20% profit




Terms of Service -

- By posting an application, you understand my terms and agree to them by default.
- You understand if you go away for a period of time without telling us, you will be automatically removed from the service.
- You agree that my contracts are suitable for you, and you are fine to obey by them.
- You understand that if you take out any private orders, you will be removed from the service.
- You understand that all orders go through me, this is to avoid customer confusion and problems.
- You understand you will be working with the minimum wealth to avoid hacks/scams on all orders.
- You understand that any messing of accounts/items, you will be removed without a refund.
- You understand that when applying for a spot (such as levelling) you will only be given that type.
- You must have a profile & clean reputation across other forums along side OSbot.
- You will not leak or outsource customers information or orders.
- You will stay respectful and professional with all customers.
- You will use Skype & discord for contact references.
- You agree that I need to be part of your orders chat when processing it.
- You confirm that you will tell me when customers are trying to order with you.
- You agree that you will not snipe any orders, you will be removed if you do.
- You agree that all payments are held by me unless informed otherwise.



Credit to @Dbuffed for letting me use his tos




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Which role are you applying for? : Quester/Skiller
What is your experience like? : Many, many years of playing OSRS
Where you from?: Virginia, USA
Contact(skype/discord): Discord (preferred contact): Brugos#3788 Skype: jrat697 
How often do you play? : Free to play during the weekday, busy on weekend. Play about 4-8 hrs a day.
Do you agree to my terms? : yes!

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Which role are you applying for? : Questing/Tasks/Powerleveling/Minigames/Skiller
What is your experience like? : Been playing RS religiously since 2006 then stopped at EoC and 3 weeks into OSRS release to this day TONS OF EXPERIENCE
Where you from?: New York, USA
Contact: discord - HYPHYSKY#3212 skype - skylardylan1 (prefer discord)
How often do you play? : 7-14 hours a day, 6 days a week
Do you agree to my terms? : Absolutely

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