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Dispute over khal's warrior's guild


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Disputed member: @Khaleesi

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Explanation: The script doesn't function as intended anymore. There have been reports dating back to January that the script doesn't function properly, mainly that it doesn't pick up items that it claims it does.  I'd really like if the script functioned instead of being refunded or compensated, since its been requested over a month ago to be fixed I figure going through the dispute system is the only way to get attention on the matter. I've tested this on numerous settings in the script, I've tested it on stealth injection, mirror mode and mirror mode on dev client with no success what so ever.  I don't know what to put for evidence, so I'm just going to screenshot requests and talk about the script being broken, these requests being ignored of course.

Evidence:  Please notice the dates of the comments, how some of them are a month old and how there has been no communication from Khaleesi, despite being tagged numerous times.giuVEHl.png




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