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Tony's AIO Services are HIRING!


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I originally opened as a solo project to work towards a verified rank. However, due to the insane support and demand from the community, I am opening up 2 positions to work under me. I have been doing services personally for a while, and have worked successfully under multiple services in the past.       

You need to have a minimum of 5 service related feedback if you intend to apply.

Position details:

- Deposit of 150M 07 GP.
- Fully refundable upon wanting to leave.
- Must have no open orders in order to be refunded.
- Must be able to provide OSbuddy/Runelite screenshots upon request.
- Agree that you will work at a 80-20% profit.
- Must give 3 weeks notice to receive your refund.


If you are interested, please read the ToS below and fill out the form.

What is your experience like? :
Where do you live? :
Will you use discord to conduct service business? :
How often do you play? :
Do you agree to my terms? :
Do you have any questions? :


- By posting an application, you understand my terms and agree to them by default.
- You understand if you go away for a period of time without telling us, you will be automatically removed from the service.
- You understand that if you take out any private orders, you will be removed from the service.
- You understand that all orders go through me
- You understand you will be working with the minimum wealth to avoid hacks/scams on all orders.
- You understand that any messing of accounts/items, you will be removed without a refund.
- You must have a profile & clean reputation across other forums along side OSbot.
- You will not leak or outsource customers information or orders.
- You will stay respectful and professional with all customers.
- You will use Discord for contact references.
- You agree that I need to be part of your orders chat when processing it.
- You confirm that you will tell me when customers are trying to order with you.
- You agree that you will not snipe any orders, you will be removed if you do.
- You agree that all payments are held by me unless informed otherwise.


credit to @Dbuffed for help in creation

Edited by Tony
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