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This user was a known person by me and my old friends. I decided to use my trust in  sythe to sell his main account to a user. He decided to recover it today. 

I spoke to  @Decode and @Dbuffed earlier this week about the situation.

Its in our own lanaguage. He deleted the begin conversation on discord, but i have made a screenshot with that he gave me the account information. 


Editing all on right date


proof when i contacted osbot mod.jpg

proof receiving 1b for acc.jpg

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11 minutes ago, Decode said:

@Bikerack has been banned. 

@Dbuffed please hand over the workers deposit fee to any member of the staff team to hold. 

@Drugsl0rd please contact the seller and tell him to post a dispute here so we can hand him over the deposit that dbuffed is holding.



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