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Worldhop keeps trying to hop

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[WARN][Bot #1][11/21 10:03:47 PM]: Event executor is taking too long to suspend; terminating now...
[INFO][Bot #1][11/21 10:03:47 PM]: Started random solver : Auto Login
[INFO][Bot #1][11/21 10:03:52 PM]: Successfully logged in, waiting for welcome screen.
[INFO][Bot #1][11/21 10:03:52 PM]: Random solver exited : Auto Login
[INFO][Bot #1][11/21 10:03:53 PM]: Hopp
[INFO][Bot #1][11/21 10:03:53 PM]: Hopp
[INFO][Bot #1][11/21 10:03:54 PM]: Hopp
[INFO][Bot #1][11/21 10:03:54 PM]: Hopp
[INFO][Bot #1][11/21 10:03:56 PM]: Item here


As you can see it keeps hopping although the item is there so he shouldn't hop anymore but keeps trying, thus hopping while the item is there and not picking it up. This only happens when I get kicked when hopping too much. Don't really know how to fix it.. tried different things already. I use this for hopping:



I fixed it with a surrounding: if (myPlayer().exists) {}


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