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Vip and possibly changing ip.

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Was wondering if people noticed a drop in ban rates going to the VIP option? Had 2 accounts get banned while botting. Only ran it a few hours a day and babysat them when they did run. Still managed to get banned, so thinking the ip got flagged somehow. Was wondering if a VPN service like cyberghost and going to VIP would help this issue? Don't think how I botted was the issue, think the ip got flagged and is causing this issue.


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I was running Juggles AIO Fisher, it worked great until the bans lol. Like I said, babysat them most of the time while playing other games. Never let it fish for more than 2 hours or so, took often random breaks. Even played the characters how I normally would and still got banned somehow. Do you know if mirror mode would help? Or likely fucked that my ip is flagged now. And need to do something more drastic so I can get back to barb fishing on an account.

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