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Dispute against bestcaper - feedback farming

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He has reported me for letting someone else do the job, but here he has done exactly the same.

I was doing the firecape for @jamesnoob and for @w0mack

without them both knowing it was me.


here is the feedbacks: https://gyazo.com/0d1fe99b51ce1d043f86c901b69ab6bf


Proof of bestcaper himself saying not to mention the firecape, when @w0mack thought it was him on the account.

https://gyazo.com/36c4712e28476ba12651cb4cc9aca177 ( he deleted some of his messages)


My first pm to him https://gyazo.com/371ede29702fc0b40c01d74dd2b8d358

apparently he requires a 125m deposit

only 2 days later im doing a service on a 2k total account with approx 70m in bank value


that already shows this guy is sketchy.


i would like to state i was never a official worker, or payed a deposit.

i want to apologize aswell for letting the order pass to someone else, honestly i had no idea that it was against the rules. 

my last question would be, can @BestCaper proof that his vouches are legit?

Thank you.

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