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Question about how jagex detection

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Hello guys,

came back to osrs and botting two weeks ago so a little bit backround story. Created my main account and 3 alt accounts. Botted on all 4 of them for 2-3 days to get cash for bond, bought it on my main then changed my ip and only botted on my main for two weeks now. I bot it probably 6-8 hours a day and play 2 hours myself doing quest and etc. Since the needed rush for nostalgia have worn away I start to concentrate on my main goal: Gold farming. One way I could do this is to bot my main, merch, make some cash but It would take sometime to raise my stats and cash pile to start making some decent cash. Other way would be to create bot farm with several account at one whom would pretty much suicide. The dilema is would it have success. I have dynamic ip so if jagex flag my ip so my new accounts would get banned really fast I could change it easily overnight, but can jagex ban depending on my computer id or mac? Dont want to invest into vpn's yet. Really appreceate everyone who found time to read this and hope for any advices to my situation. Thanks :)

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35 minutes ago, Pitt said:

I'm pretty sure they also track your HWID.

there are some programs made to change those if im correct

This could help, but I find that finding the right medium between taking breaks and finding your method of farming to be the best way. Good luck and hopefully you'll find your path soon enough.

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