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Help with h/w

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My school honestly sucks, I was given homework over summer for the start of Sixth Form... And right now I need a little bit of help from you guys. I can't get all this done especially since I've got about another 3 different homework to do, so please do help a brother out. :P


"Focus your notes around the following questions: - Who is this person? Dates they were alive? Were they part of any committees/societies/groups? What impact did they have on the women's movement? (What was the most important thing they did?)"


- Josephine Butler

- Millicent Fawcett

- Lilly Maxwell

- Emmeline Pankhurst

- Sylvia Pankhurst

- Christabel Pankhurst


I've got about another half a dozen to do and I am only asking a bit from you guys whilst you just search around the forums. All I need is 15 minutes of your time.


Whether you guys decide to help me or not, thank you for at least reading this.


p.s. it's so easy but so long (only a paragraph needed for each one :*)

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Just Wikipedia it, copying a paragraph off of here takes the same as time over there. I always copy WIkipedia articles and switch up the words to fit my own. Won't take you long at all ;D


I don't want to get caught doing plagiarism and get kicked out on the first day of Sixth Form, lol.


I'm just changing a lot of the words around using them as a base of my word, but it'll take about three hours to complete this History work alone. I've got three subjects to do. :(

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Had no homework to start sixth form, going to start tomorrow.

Also why not ask your friends for help?


They don't even know we've got homework, there slacking but I've got football going around to foreign countries for tournaments etc. I have to schedule my stuff but school is just pushing it.



As he said, just use Wikipedia.

Best thing to do is take it all, throw it into Google translate, translate to French, translate to English, translate to Spanish, then translate to English again, fix any errors, spell check, paste tongue.png.


If I can't caught doing pligirism, I get kicked out of sixth form, we don't want that happening now do we? :D

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