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Perfect Magic does not attack

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where can i find information? How to use Perfect magic? or if there is anything wrong with the script?

Sigh not a very active community. 

I did my Research and OS bot has a small community, but has really good scriptwriters and they are always up to date.

I used to use Advertising other bots isn't allowed. before. it's very buggy with the Magic script.

Someone please help me? I don't not want to be felt in the dark all night.

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On 8/23/2018 at 4:06 AM, free8888 said:

I just bought Perfect magic, it won't attack or cast spells.

It asks me what spell i want to use to attack NPC's. I don't know if the bot or script is broken or if i am typing the wrong information in.

Level "Level 1: Wind Strike" or "Wind Strike" doesn't seem to work.

Please help me.

You need to type in the name of the NPC you're attacking exactly including capitalization. ie: "Cow"

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