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Dispute on BMW1996

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So I know I'm super new here but I kind of feel compelled to share this even though I didn't get scammed. For context, I was a moderator /middle-man on OSBOT back in 2008 so I have a good spidey sense for scammers and bullshit artists.

TLDR: I approach BMW about an account I wanted to buy. He quotes me 75$ paypal which is literally a 40% discount on the price he listed on his thread with 0 haggling. This sets off every alarm bell in the book for me, so I ask him if hes willing to provide all the information for the account INCLUDING the original email. He says yes, so I suggest we use Dbuffed as the MM. He vehemently opposes this, and actually offers to go first instead. FUCKING. ALARM. BELLS. ---> I have 0 feedback on this site and my account is 1 month old.  Fast forward to him handing over the account information, he now says that the creation email was a random/throwaway email that he no longer has access to. A quick google search shows that this is in-fact his work email which is directly quoted in some kind of Brazilian embassy documentation RE: <REMOVED> He tries to wiggle his way out of it at first but I don't let down, and he eventually confesses that he in fact has access to it and can even "recover the account for me" should it get banned in the future for a fee. What a joker. He's already "sold" some of his accounts btw.


Full chat-logs: <REMOVED>

I'll take the time to take SS's if this escalates to anything.

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1 hour ago, Night said:

Staff team has decided to place @bmw1996 in TWC for now due to sketchy behaviors, please notify us if anything else occurs.

Fuck this guy he wanted me to send him my personal job (irl) password. I’m not in home atm but I will provide evidence soon!

as he said, Brazilian embassy.. that’s Gov envolved how can I send him that email? Even after that I said nty sorry! 

Ask this stupid the full convo in discord! 

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You're in TWC because you said you're the original owner. claimed it was created in Sweden, meanwhile you said you had no access at all to the email and that it was a throwaway made for the account but a quick search found its affiliated to Brazil and when called out you suddenly knew that it was your email and you had access, you were just refusing to hand it over? And looking into your account it throws many more red flags, which tells us there was a very high chance of you lying to this user.


Closing this, appeal at a later date. You can explain yourself and why you're lying to customers.



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